Headline Sponsor - £3000 plus VAT

The opportunity to be the solo headline sponsor of Cardiff FashionWeek 2024.

Gold Sponsorship - £750 plus VAT

This sponsor will be an Official Partner of Cardiff Week. It is mostsuitable to businesses which offer a service in the complimentaryareas of hair, beauty, health, lifestyle and well-being. For instance‘Official Salon Partner’.

Bronze Sponsorship - £200-£400 plus VAT

This sponsorship is for those who want to showcase their collectionon the CFW catwalk and have a space in the CFW fashion village onSaturday 27 April 2024. There will be around three looks available onthe VAT. Students: £200 plus VAT

Quartz Sponsorship - £150 plus VAT

This sponsorship is for a stand in the Cardiff Fashion Week fashionvillage on Saturday 27 April 2024. Visitors will browse the fashionvillage before the catwalk shows begin. The fashion village will beabuzz with stands, demonstrations, competitions and a bar.